Vino Boca DOC - Cascina Montalbano

At Cascina Montalbano we produce Boca DOC, one of the most peculiar expressions of Nebbiolo of Alto Piemonte, in the territory of Colline Novaresi (Novara hills). Through its taste and aroma this aged wine reflects the one-hectare vineyard from which it comes. The vines have their roots in the pink porphyries of volcanic origin. Cascina Montalbano is located in the municipality of Boca, in Piedmont, between Valsesia, Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.


Cascina Montalbano's BOCA DOC

Boca DOC is the fruit of the harmonious fusion between the austere Nebbiolo and the spicy Vespolina Novarese, which are present in our wine in the percentages of 70% and 30% respectively.

Both of these two great wine varieties find their expression in the terroir, whose lands are acidic, rich in minerals and characterised by the presence of volcanic porphyries that go from yellow to pink and red.


At Cascina Montalbano we also produce some red wines, which are more quaffable but not less treated in the vineyard and in the cellar. Thanks to these wines we rediscover the long-forgotten tastes and the ancient wisdom of our farmers.

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Alessandro Cancelliere: my story, our story

My name is Alessandro Cancelliere.

Driven by passion, I became winegrower thaks to the old Boca’s farmers, in one of the most reputed terroirs of Alto Piemonte.

In 2003 I bought Cascina Montalbano and replanted the vines on the unique land that stretches over at its feet. Today the vines have once again their roots in the famous pink porphyries of volcanic origin.