600 years of history

Montalbano is located in the municipality of Boca, between Valsesia, Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore.
Cascina Montalbano is a micro-village that rises up on the remains of a 15th century castle. However, it is said that this castle was in turn built on a rock that dated back to the 4th century A.D.

Today you can still see a tower and some imposing ramparts as well as some ancients frescos, which represent some soldiers and knights standing at the walls, ready to defence the manor house. One of these knights is the protagonist of the label of our Boca D.O.C.

The castle was the scene of many fierce family disputes during the late Middle Ages. Afterwards it lost its strategic importance and it degraded over time to the point that it became just a farmhouse.

The vineyard stretches right over at the feet of the farnstead, at 430 meters above sea level.

From here the view is unbelievable – when the sky is clear, we even manage to catch sight of the Cupola di San Gaudenzio of Novara and the skyscrapers of CityLife (Milan) beyond our mountains.

We are also located at the centre of Monte Fenera Natural Park. In the early 1900s the wine-growing area extended itself as much as Langhe Region, though today there are still more woods than vineyards.
You can also still find Maggiorine, which is the symbol of one of the most ancient vine planting, going back to the Romans or even to the Celts.

That’s why Cascina Montalbano is a suggestive destination for a getaway or a quick wine-and-food tour. If you also decide to taste our wines, you will be even more impressed.

THE ANCIENT CELLAR: the wine archive

At Cascina Montalbano there is a big 17th century cellar carved into the porphyries. It is a solid proof of extraordinary architectural and geological heritage.

It is no longer suitable for the process of winemaking, but it is just perfect for the ageing in bottles, as it is humid, dark, silent and multi-scented. In other words, it is the right cellar for great wines.

When mature, our wine can be bought to be drunk right away or to be further aged. In order to do so, our ancient cellar is at your complete disposal. Our wine will be then put into a dedicated space and eventually numbered and registered. You can have it whenever you want, or you can have it sent home.