My name is Alessandro Cancelliere.

Driven by passion, I became winegrower thaks to the old Boca’s farmers, in one of the most reputed terroirs of Alto Piedmont.

In 2003 I bought Cascina Montalbano and replanted the vines on the unique land that stretches over at its feet. Today the vines have once again their roots in the famous pink porphyries of volcanic origin.

Our Boca comes exclusively from this vineyard, cru at the centre of Monte Fenera Natural Park.

I’ve worked so hard to honour this great DOC, especially in the vineyard.

In the cellar the wine works on its own in the most natural way, which consists of just waiting for time and seasons to trigger the magic.

All the years, even those considered as inauspicious, have gifted us with different but always intriguing flavours and scents. The soil is the common denominator: its richness in minerals, its salts and the acidity of the porphyries from the fossil Valsesian super volcano which exploded 180 million years ago.

Cascina Montalbano’s Boca DOC is recognised as one of the best expressions of the territory and has its own organoleptic characteristics, which are closely related to its cru of origin.

In the spring of 2018 some friends have guaranteed the necessary support to consolidate my work, thus allowing me to focus all my energies on the vineyard and the cellar.

Today Cascina Montalbano is a little and unique gem. That is exactly why our wines cannot be found anywhere.

And we think that is a pretty good reason to come visit us.