According to wine literature, the territories used for winemaking should be protected by natural barriers, like mountain ranges that help avoid temperature variation, as well as close to forests, rivers and lakes that serve as natural regulators of humidity.

Our territory is exactly like that, as it is located between Monte Rosa and the great lakes of Northern Italy. Moreover it still has more woods and fewer vineyards.

Our wines are unique thanks to the porphyries of volcanic origin, which are saline, rich in minerals and extremely acidic.

Our territory is unlike any other territories in Italy.

Cascina Montalbano’s vineyard, the only cru dedicated to the production of Boca DOC, is the expression of these features.

It is located at 430 meters above sea level and enjoys a southwest exposure.

Here the territory is even more unique – It may not produce a large quantity of fruit, but the quality of the fruit itself is extremely high.

Vigna Santino, at Località le Piane, is instead the home for Al Me’, our reinterpretation of the classic “farmer’s wine”.

With its 30 to 80-year-old plants, this vineyard is a shrine in which many locally grown grapes live together: Nebbiolo, Dolcetto di Boca, Barbera, Erbaluce…

In the wine planting you can still find Maggiorine, which dates back to ancient times.