The wines

Boca DOC

Boca DOC is the fruit of the harmonious fusion between the austere Nebbiolo and the spicy Vespolina Novarese, which are present in our wine in the percentages of 70% and 30% respectively.

Both of these two great wine varieties find their expression in the terroir.

Cascina Montalbano’s Boca is the splendid fruit of one vineyard located at the centre of its dedicated territory.

This feature gives the wine its unique organoleptic characteristics and allows the drinkers to experience a great cru from the very first sip.

The natural process of winemaking, which consists of not forcing anything but just waiting for the seasons to trigger each process, guarantees the intimate territoriality of our wine and makes the wine taste always differently according to the years.

Although it is an undoubtedly complex wine, our Boca can be easily drunk after being aged for three years – two years in barrel and one year in bottle. Yet this is just the beginning of its long life. It is a great aged wine that is bound to always give new sensations even after resting in the cellar for many years.

Technical Sheet: Boca Doc Cascina Montalbano

70% Nebbiolo
30% Vespolina
Cascina Montalbano
1 ha
yield per hectare 30-40 quintals
Fermentation and maceration of the skins for 20 days.
Spontaneous malolactic
fermentation at higher
temperatures in spring.
Resting in oak barrels for 2 years and refining in bottle for 1 year.